About TradeMast


We've designed a revolutionary e-commerce model to offer buyers, sellers, service providers, and traders a marketplace unlike any other; one that puts user safety, fairness, and YOUR profitability at the forefront of its platform.

We invite you to explore our e-commerce design/model:

  • TradeMast doesn't charge an 'insertion fee' to sell.

  • TradeMast costs about 65% less than eBay and is very competitive with Etsy and others.

  • TradeMast doesn't share non-publicly available information and does not obtain, or share, personal financial information.

  • Enjoy a free basic storefront...and we mean basic. We're planning on some upgrades for the 'free' version.

  • Buyers will enjoy a more secure environment, free commerce options, and greater spectrums of products and services

  • Use any payment system we can integrate. Right now, that's Global Payments's ProPay. Others will follow as we determine their efficacy.

  • Receive referred member commissions periodically while you remain in good standing with TradeMast

  • Make independent operational decisions in the name of protecting and growing the health of your business without interference from TradeMast

Thank you for your attention and action.  Together we’ll make e-commerce the best experience ever.